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Socialize and make new friends in Friends Plus!

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Fashion goes brave and bold! Become an industrious and glamorous socialite in a carefree world of unlimited fashion choices, romantic options, jobs to do, and games to play!

Flirt, go on dates, receive gifts from your dream date, and earn money so you can spoil yourself at the mall! It’s all about love, and there are no gender boundaries here. So download Friends Plus now, and share the love!
Available on Google Play

Runway Girl: World Football now available on Android

June 25th, 2014 | Posted by admin in News - (0 Comments)

Kick off the biggest Football event of the year with Runway Girl: World Football!



Enjoy the fun and sizzling football season and the colorful vibe by expressing yourself through festive clothes and accessories! Become a popular sports model! Act, sing, dance, and pose for photos! Meet cool guys and go on dates with your model friends! Runway Girl: World Football is now available on Android, FREE!

Available on Google Play

Follow the way of the ninja and fight mythical monsters in this unique fusion of coin-operated, card battle, and role-playing game, Ninja Legend: Dragon Titan!


Prepare for an epic clash between mighty ninjas and fearsome monsters! Collect, upgrade and evolve your cards as you fight for ultimate supremacy!  Flaunt your strategic flair with your card setup! Upgrade and evolve over 200 card and form an unbeatable lineup of legendary ninjas and monsters! Conquer over 100 missions with your friends, or duke it out with them by connecting to Facebook, or adding them through their User ID.

Can you dominate the battlefield and be the greatest ninja warrior of all time?  Get Ninja Legend: Dragon Titan now, FREE!

Available on Google Play


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BFPlus 4 BFPlus 1 BFPlus 2 BFPlus 3



  • カレシを色んなところに連れて行って、楽しいチャットを満喫しよう

  • カレシの服やアクセサリーを買って集めよう

  • 毎回プレゼントをあげる時にハート獲得

  • 踊って騒ごう!人気のパーティースポットで新しい友達作ったり、カレシにドリンクおごってもらおう

  • ロマンス永久不滅:カレシにキスしたりハグしたりして愛を表現しよう

  • いつでもカレシ達のプロフィール保存できる

  • デートの思い出を写真に収めよう

  • クエストを完成してスペシャルご褒美ゲット


Boyfriend Plus available for iOS!

June 4th, 2013 | Posted by admin in News - (0 Comments)


Fall in love all over again on your iOS device with Boyfriend Plus, the popular dating sim where you interact with a hilarious virtual boyfriend! Now available for iOS!

BFPlus 4 BFPlus 1 BFPlus 2 BFPlus 3

Take a chance on love like never before by designing your ideal boyfriend! Meet different guys, each with his own individual fashion sense and conversation style that reflects his personality and uniqueness. Spend time with them to get to know them better and choose the one you like best. Give your virtual boyfriend love and attention and chat with him – and see romance blossom!


- Bring your boyfriend anywhere and engage in delightful chats

- Shop and collect clothes and accessories for your boyfriends

- Earn hearts everytime you buy them gifts

- Hit the town and paint it red! Go to the hottest party hotspots, make new friends or get some drinks with your boyfriend

- Keep the romance alive: show your boyfriend some affection with a kiss and a hug

- You can always save your boyfriends’ profiles for review

- Capture your memorable dates in pictures

- Get special rewards by completing quests




 Boyfriend Maker St. Valentine


 Screenshot_2013-02-06-17-18-54 Screenshot_2013-02-06-17-17-27 Screenshot_2013-02-06-17-16-27



現在Google Playで好評配信中!

Available on Google Play

LOVE the romantic theme, special items and daily bonus in Boyfriend Maker St. Valentine Edition!

 Boyfriend Maker St. Valentine

If you like Boyfriend Maker, don’t miss Boyfriend Maker St. Valentine! With more than 30 new items compared with the classic version, Boyfriend Maker St. Valentine provides you with a wide variety of choices including new hairstyles, accessories, clothing and much more!

 Screenshot_2013-02-06-17-18-54 Screenshot_2013-02-06-17-17-27 Screenshot_2013-02-06-17-16-27

Remember to come back everyday and get daily bonuses – you could receive fashion items and even game points, and they are FREE!

In the season of love, play Boyfriend Maker St. Valentine and chat with you dream boyfriend! He’s always there for you!

Boyfriend Maker St. Valentine is available for free on Google Play!

Available on Google Play

大ヒットの「理想の彼氏メーカー」がついにAndroidに登場! 彼氏の髪型や顔のパーツ、服装や小物などを自分好みに変えることが出来る! あなただけの理想の彼氏は、いつでもどこでもあなたの側に!


「理想の彼氏メーカー」は面白さ満載のチャット機能がついています。Android版でさらに進化したチャットを要チャック! 彼氏は何でも対応できるので彼氏と会話を広げて盛り上げよう!



CERO-D – 17才以上対象

Boyfriend Maker now available for Android!

December 7th, 2012 | Posted by admin in News - (0 Comments)

The global viral phenomenon Boyfriend Maker is now available for Android devices! Check out the new and improved update to the original virtual companion app that caused such a sensation! Boyfriend Maker lets you customize your ideal anime-inspired man by letting you choose the way he looks: clothes, accessories, hair, features – it’s all under your control, just the way it should be!


You can chat with your virtual boyfriend and enjoy a full conversation. Boyfriend Maker uses a contextual chat system that (unlike so many boyfriends in real life) understands what you say and is eager to communicate with you!

Pamper your boyfriend and show him your affection with hugs and kisses, but don’t forget what relationships are built on: good communication. Remember to chat with your virtual boyfriend often to learn more about him or just to flirt in a carefree relationship.

Get Boyfriend Maker on Google Play! (Content Rating: High Maturity)